February 20, 2018

Varsity District Push Practices

Varsity District Qualifiers - Plan to be at school until 6:00pm tomorrow. We will be moving mats back to Simmons for the last time this season!

Have running gear for tomorrow/this week. It’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow...

Please remember to be eating healthy, hydrate, and stretch! Be sensible when making food choices and maintain your weight after you’ve properly refueled it.

Proper hygiene is imperative at this point in the season. Please shower diligently, and keep your gear clean.

Work to be the hardest worker in the room. Don’t wrestle down to your competition. Be the hardest worker in your group, on your team. Stay in good position and work to improve. You’ll perform on the mat as you practice in the room. Give great effort! Push yourself that little bit more. Let go of your mental limitations, your body is able to physically continue.

Making Excuses, sitting out, taking off when it’s your turn to wrestle, TALKING, leaving the room without asking, doing what you want when you want, flat out not listening, are all ingredients of a wrestler who won’t reach their potential this weekend, or in the weeks to come. Your post season could be over by 10am with some of the effort I saw today. We worked hard all season to get to this point. There is no “next year” for half of you.

WRESTLE, BE PHYSICAL, NOT CHEAP! How hard do you think your opponent worked today?

Visualize success, train and practice to your full potential, do what is asked of you and then do more, pay attention to the little details, and you will succeed and achieve your post season goals.


We are Warriors!

Coach Trent